How can managers be prepared for Cayman AML audits and inspections - Waystone

      How can managers be prepared for Cayman AML audits and inspections


      Please join us as we discuss how managers in Asia can best prepare for Cayman AML audits and CIMA inspections.
      欢迎参加我们的网络研讨会 – 亚洲的基金经理该如何准备开曼群岛金融管理局( CIMA) 监管审查和反洗钱审计?

      Topics will include:

      • Overview of AML audit and CIMA inspections
      • What are the common findings and key control deficiencies
      • What can managers do to prepare for inspections
      • Overview of latest AML/CFT requirements and duties of Anti-Money Laundering Officers
      • Penalties for non-compliance


      • 开曼反洗钱审计和CIMA监管审查机制
      • 审查报告内容和关键控制要点
      • 基金经理在审查前可采取的应对措施
      • 开曼反洗钱/反恐融资(AML/CFT)新规概述和反洗钱官的职责
      • 相关违规处罚制度

      Webinar Details:

      When: Tuesday 29 June 2021
      Time: 10am HKT
      Duration: 30minutes

      日期: 2021 年 6 月 29 日(星期二)
      时间: 香港时间上午 10 点
      会议时长: 30 分钟




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