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      Loan Administration Services

      Waystone's specialist Debt Servicing team provides loan administration services to a range of clients across the debt and capital markets.

      With outsourcing becoming an increasingly popular investor preference, it’s important to choose the right outsourced partner. Our team handles all fund flows, calculations, and portfolio administration allowing managers to focus on asset selection and performance.

      Reliable Loan Administration Services

      We perform all asset and administration, reconciliation, and trade capture using Bloomberg AIM, as well as creating bespoke and customised client reporting on a daily basis. Our services include:

      • maintenance of the borrower database and register of lenders
      • managing official communications between lender and borrower
      • calculation of interest, tracking interest repayment and recoveries
      • tracking and processing principal paydowns, disbursements, and manager fees
      • daily reconciliation of positions and cash accounts.
      • ensuring up-to-date withholding tax compliance
      • assistance with corporate borrowers, performing and non-performing (NPL) loans, secured and unsecured loans, leveraged loans, loan portfolios and bi-lateral, club and syndicated loans
      • manager fee calculations
      • assistance with rated, non-rated, public and private transactions
      • rapid on-boarding/KYC process
      • documentation review & negotiation
      • disbursement and repayment accounting
      • processing of waivers and amendment requests
      • banking operations and reporting activities
      • management of payments of principal
      • loan transactions support

      Contact Waystone today for loan administration assistance and to learn more about our corporate services solution.

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