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      European Fund Solutions

      Europe is a key area of focus for Waystone*. By combining our extensive experience with the most advanced governance, risk and compliance technology available, we can construct the global fund management solutions you need. This can be achieved for European funds with both AIFM and UCITS Management Companies. We can supply AIFM services in Ireland, France, Luxembourg, and Spain and ACD services in the UK. And we can offer superior levels of fund administration including technological infrastructure needs.

      Waystone provides global fund management solutions for EU funds with both AIFM and UCITS Management Companies. Waystone is approved and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, the CSSF in Luxembourg and the FCA in the UK. In addition, we can provide AIFM services in Ireland, France, Luxembourg and Spain.

      Why Choose Waystone?

      At Waystone, our teams have extensive category knowledge of global fund management combined with high levels of experience. This ensures that we can offer a superior level of European fund administration services including the technological infrastructure and an institutional framework to meet your needs more effectively.

      There are significant advantages to be gained when an investment fund is both managed and operated through our UCITS management company and Alternative Investment Fund. Not only does it ensure your fund meets the necessary regulatory requirements, but it also means that asset managers can focus on what they do best: portfolio management and pursuing asset growth. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our European Investment Management services.

      Our European Fund Management Services

      Waystone’s overall European Service proposition is to offer our clients solutions for their asset-raising needs and support for their clients, all under one roof.

      AIFMD and UCITS Management Company Solutions

      Our AIFMD and UCITS Management Company solutions team has always been at the forefront of European regulatory changes and works to anticipate their implementation, ensuring our funds achieve first-mover advantage wherever possible.

      UK Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) Services

      Our ACD services are designed to meet your specific demands, providing fund management companies with a comprehensive and high-quality level of service.

      Trade Execution & Investment Servicing Solutions

      Our experienced team of dedicated operations professionals and execution-only traders provide investment servicing and trade execution services that can be supplied on a standalone basis or in conjunction with our AIFM/ UCITS Management Company offering.

      Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting

      Waystone employs a team of experienced AIFMD risk management professionals who independently generate and analyse each portfolio’s risk analytics using RiskCore, our market-leading technology platform.

      MiFID Services

      Waystone provides a range of MiFID-compliant services that meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements.

      Swiss Fund Solutions

      Waystone is authorised and regulated by FINMA to provide Swiss fund representation, distribution services and arrangements with the paying agent bank.

      Distribution Solutions

      The European asset-raising environment is becoming increasingly challenging.

      Our European Funds


      Details pertaining to our European Funds hosted on our platforms together with their accompanying documentation can be found below.

      Waystone Managed Funds

      Funds where Waystone is appointed as AIFM or UCITS Manager

      Waystone Fund Services (UK) Limited

      Previously T. Bailey Fund Services Ltd

      Waystone Management (UK) Limited

      Previously Link Fund Solutions UK funds and pension documentation

      Montlake UCITS Fund Platform

      Montlake UCITS Fund Platform


      *Waystone Management (UK) Limited, Waystone Capital Solutions (UK) Limited, Waystone Asset Management (IE) Limited, Waystone Management Company (IE) Limited, Waystone Fund Management (IE) Limited, Waystone Investment Management (IE) Limited, Waystone Management Company (Lux) S.A., Waystone Governance Services (Lux) SARL, Waystone Fund Services(Switzerland) SA.

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