Rebecca Palmer speaking at the 100 Women in Finance webinar: The Essential Insights on ESG - Waystone

      Rebecca Palmer speaking at the 100 Women in Finance webinar: The Essential Insights on ESG

      Essential Insights on ESG

      Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies are rapidly evolving to meet investor demand, bolstered by significant regulatory tailwinds. Learn the latest in regulatory developments and how to actively engage with stakeholders on ESG issues. Explore the ethics of ESG short selling, the latest in ESG product development and opportunities for growth.

      Please email your questions to [email protected] by Friday, April 16, 2021 or you may submit them during the webinar.

      DATE 21 April 2021

      TIME 09:00 AM N. America West Coast | 11:00 AM Cayman | 12:00 PM N. America East Coast | 05:00 PM London – Dublin


      Elyse Greenspan
      Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
      Madelyn Lando
      Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
      Rebecca Palmer
      Geneviève Piché
      Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
      Catherine Houts
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