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      AIFMD and UCITS Management Company Solutions

      Our AIFMD and UCITS Management Company solutions team has always been at the forefront of European regulatory changes and works to anticipate their implementation, ensuring our funds achieve first-mover advantage wherever possible.

      We have over 20 years of experience in managing UCITS and AIFs and we were one of the first AIFMs to launch AIFMD-compliant funds. There are significant advantages to be gained when a fund is both managed and operated through our UCITS management company and Alternative Investment Fund. Not only does it ensure your fund meets the necessary regulatory requirements, it also means that you can focus on what you do best: portfolio management and pursuing asset growth. 

      Waystone’s AIFM ManCo offering includes auditors, directors etc.

      European investment fund management firm

      We have a strong relationship with counterparties and alternative investment fund service providers with a technological infrastructure that is flexible enough to manage the increasingly complex regulatory requirements of investor reporting.

      Within the AIFM or UCITS ManCo model, we are responsible for key asset management functions while the investment manager is appointed solely for investment management activities, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

      UCITS management company

      We have the expertise to optimize the construction of your UCITS fund either as a standalone structure or as a sub-fund on our multi-award-winning UCITS platform ICAV. As an authorised UCITS management company, we possess full licences in both Ireland and Luxembourg and have passported in Malta and France.

      Our team can provide you with advice on the compatibility of your investment strategy and setup structure, offering an objective opinion on the current demand for the investment strategy in the marketplace and advising you on how best to target it. Moreover, our Investment Solutions business provides us with market knowledge that can help fund managers to enter the European regulated market more effectively. This includes assistance with selecting the right service providers and distribution networks to support your sales strategy.

      Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)

      Similar to the procedures for UCITS, we can construct your alternative investment fund (AIF) either as a standalone structure or as a sub fund on a platform.

      Waystone’s Alternative Investment Management Company has dedicated teams throughout Europe to manage the economic substance requirements outlined in the AIFMD regulations, including AIFMD-related risk management, AIFMD passporting procedures, and regulatory oversight. This enables investment management and distribution functions to be delegated back to you without restriction.

      Fund platform solutions

      We offer our clients the opportunity to launch a European sub fund on an existing umbrella structure. This is achieved by leveraging the existing regulatory and operational framework that is already in place.

      The main benefits include:

      • Rapid speed to market: a hosted solution is speed to market and access to a robust network of key service providers.
      • Individual branding retention: new sub fund managers can retain their own individual branding.
      • Legal separation and protection: each sub fund is legally separated and thereby protected from bankruptcy of other sub funds within the platform.
      • Comprehensive platform management: our platform management fee covers all key service providers and AIFMD services including AIFM/management company, administrator, depositary (fiduciary oversight), auditor, directors, risk and regulatory AIFMD reporting, company secretary, KIID/ KID production and hosting and launch coordination.
      • Streamlined cost management: we have taken on all of these expenses directly and can pass on a single line-item cost to sub funds for all of the above – by limiting fees to a maximum, a manager can manage their total expense ratio with confidence.

      Client-dedicated management company services

      We partner with investment managers to provide bespoke management company services as part of an overall structure for each Fund. As the appointed management company, we are responsible for primary management functions, while the investment manager is appointed solely for the investment management activities. The investment manager also selects the key service providers and board of directors of the fund.

      If you already have your key service providers in place, we can provide regulatory substance in your preferred fund jurisdiction and a scalable solution to meet your future needs.

      Waystone has broad and deep connections with the majority of fund administrators and depositaries in Europe and has strong relationships with independent directors, UCITS & AIFMD depositary services, and legal advisors who facilitate standalone AIFMD solutions.

      Fund structuring

      Waystone successfully directs managers to establish alternative investment fund vehicles across multiple jurisdictions, including Ireland, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, the US, France, Spain and Malta.

      Service provider selection

      As a result of our extensive fund range and experience working directly with a broad section of the market, we offer independence and an in-depth understanding of service provider capabilities.

      Distribution services

      A distribution-led team, with investor focus in mind. This means we can tailor your product to maximise asset-raising potential and connect you to the market.

      Comprehensive fund structuring knowledge

      All our clients benefit from the team’s extensive fund structuring knowledge, which runs across several fund structures including UCITS, AIFs, offshore hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity funds and real estate funds.

      Technology platforms

      We continuously invest in our technology platforms to deliver efficient, value-for-money and scalable client solutions.


      We constantly monitor regulatory change and market developments to ensure funds serviced by Waystone continue to stay ahead of requirements.

      Hosted solutions

      We offer our clients the opportunity to launch fund structures by leveraging key service providers, within an existing regulatory and operational framework that is already predefined.

      To learn more about our European Solutions, get in touch with a Waystone representative today.


      What are AIFs?
      AIFs are Alternative Investment Funds and typically include hedge funds, private equity, private debt, venture capital and real estate funds.

      Ireland is a key domicile for AIFs as well as a service provider base for AIFs domiciled in other countries.

      Read more
      Who uses AIFs and what are they used for?
      Investment Managers from around the world (including the US, UK, Switzerland etc.) use Ireland as a domicile and Waystone is a leading provider in establishing AIFs in Ireland and in other European countries.

      They market the fund to asset owners/investors such as Insurance Companies, Pension firms, banks etc.

      They are used to provide funding to the real economy and to give investors the ability to get exposure to investment opportunities and financial markets.

      Retail investors cannot invest in AIFs as they are considered too complex for the direct retail market.

      Read more
      Investing in AIFs offers several potential advantages, including access to alternative asset classes, diversification benefits, potentially higher returns, and exposure to specialized investment strategies. AIFs can provide investors with opportunities beyond traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.
      Read more
      AIFs can encompass various types and strategies, including hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, infrastructure funds, venture capital funds, and commodity funds, among others. Each type of AIF has its own investment focus, risk profile, and regulatory considerations.
      Read more
      What are QIAIFs and RIAIFs?
      QIAIFs are Qualifying AIFs and are the main category for AIFs in Ireland under the Central Bank of Ireland rules. They are for qualifying investors such as institutional investors.

      RIAIFs are Retail Investor AIFs under CBI rules and are a hybrid between QIAIFs and UCITS. There are relatively few in the market.

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      What are UCITS?
      Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) are investment funds that are tightly regulated and can be marketed to all investor types, both retail and institutional in Ireland, across the EU, and globally. They have strict rules and a high level of investor protection in terms of what asset types can be included and on portfolio composition and diversification. They typically allow investors to buy and sell on a daily basis and hold liquid assets such as equities, money market instruments, or fixed income.

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      Who uses UCITS and what are they used for?
      Investment Managers from around the world (such as the US, UK, Switzerland etc.) use Ireland as a domicile for UCITS and Waystone is a leading provider in establishing UCITS.

      UCITS are used to provide retail investors with an opportunity to invest and deploy their savings/pensions and generate a return based on financial markets. This can be investors investing directly into the fund or via their advisor, bank, pension plan etc.

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      What is AIFMD reporting?
      AIFMD reporting refers to the obligations under the AIFM Directive to monitor and prevent systemic risk and market disruptions.

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      Private Debt Structures

      Waystone delivers high quality private debt solutions to private debt & specialty finance clients in several key jurisdictions.

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      UCITS Guide

      UCITS are open-ended collective investment schemes established and authorised pursuant to EU law, as implemented in the member states of the EU.

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