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      UK Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) Services

      Our ACD services are designed to meet your specific demands, providing fund management companies with a comprehensive and high-quality level of service.

      At Waystone, our UK authorised corporate director (ACD) approach is unique. We offer proactive recommendations on product development and focus on helping you to develop your commercial objectives. We examine ways to meet investor priorities, such as negotiating innovative fee structures, cross fertilisation opportunities or how to take advantage of future legislation and regulation. From the outset, our planning is specifically tailored to achieve the desired investment objective. We work extensively with developing UK UCITS, NURS and AIF funds to assist with their launch as UK regulated investment funds.

      We also work with the best suppliers in fund accounting, fund administration, transfer agency, marketing and fund distribution. Our European Fund Solutions are managed and operated by some of the most talented names from within the investment management industry.

      By carefully selecting our product partners, we host, deliver and launch specifically designed European investment funds to meet the needs of investors, institutions and private clients advised by an authorised financial advisor.

      Independent Fund Hosting Services for FCA Authorised Collective Investment Schemes

      Waystone’s extensive experience in financial product development, operations and oversight means that we are uniquely placed to develop, host, launch, operate and maintain UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorised Collective Investment Schemes. We apply a specialist approach to designing investment funds and we work with leading law firms, fund administrators, fund accountants and transfer agents to tailor our ACD service to each individual client.

      As part of our commitment to assisting clients in delivering investment products, Waystone offers both independent fund hosting and product development services, enabling clients to launch UK regulated investment funds.

      We differentiate ourselves from competitors by operating open-ended investment funds and continuing to work with our clients to add value in delivering the commercial success of their product. This is achieved through our experience, knowledge, attention to risk and regulatory detail and the complete product development service that we offer.

      Our ACD services include:

          • Regulatory and operational management
          • Communications with the UK FCA
          • Investment and borrowing powers monitoring
          • Prospectus, key investment information and fact sheet creation and development
          • Risk monitoring & management
          • Risk committee management
          • Distribution and platform registration
          • Creation of new share classes & price publications
          • Monthly fund reporting packs
          • Management accounting/planning
          • Audit oversight

      UK Fund Documentation And Pricing

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      UK Assessment of Value Summary
      As an Authorised Corporate Director (“ACD”), Waystone carries out Assessment of Value reporting for its UK-domiciled funds.

      As part of a move to strengthen fund governance, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), has required asset managers to conduct an annual review of UK-domiciled funds to assess whether they provide fair value to their underlying investors.

      This Assessment of Value report is aimed at individuals who invest within the UK-domiciled funds, or their financial advisers. It outlines each fund’s assessment and concludes on whether the ACD Board believes that the fund has demonstrated good value. Where relevant, Waystone also outlines the measures that we, as the ACD, are putting in place in the event that the ACD Board believe the value provided does not meet our own high standards.

      Waystone believes the Assessment of Value exercise should make it easier for investors to evaluate whether or not their investment manager is providing them with value, in order that they can make more informed decisions when choosing investment providers.

      Find out more about the Waystone approach to Assessment of Value reporting and read our insights on future developments.

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      Access our fund change of name document following the acquisition of funds from Link Fund Solutions.

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