Martin Vogel speaking at the PwC’s AWM Monthly Briefing on 22 April 2021 / Management Companies CEO Panel on market trends

      22 April 2021 - The AWM Monthly Briefing

      The webcast will start at 9:00 and finish at 11:00. To date, the agenda of the session is the following:

      Introduction (Frédéric Vonner, PwC Luxembourg)
      Management companies CEO panel on market trends
      Moderator: Bertrand Jaboulay, PwC Luxembourg

      • Steve Bernat, One Fund Management S.A
      • Craig Blair, Franklin Templeton International Services S.à r l
      • Christoph Kraiker, Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A.
      • Martin Vogel, Waystone Management Company (Lux) S.A.

      Pre-marketing and post-notification: Practical implications and next steps (Ebru Yalçin & Olivier Carré, PwC Luxembourg)
      Non-financial reporting and fund distribution (Aurélie Lefrançois & Nicolas Schulz, PwC Luxembourg)
      Regulator update: New LFR requirements for Funds and ManCos (Birgit Goldak & Mike Delano, PwC Luxembourg)
      Wrap up (Frédéric Vonner, PwC Luxembourg)

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