Charting a course in support of the UK Long Term Asset Fund (LTAF) - Waystone

      Charting a course in support of the UK Long Term Asset Fund (LTAF)

      Join Waystone's Neil Coxhead and Andrew Berry, together with Lora Froud of Macfarlanes and Peter Capper of the Investment Association as they guide you through the possibilities of the new LTAF and the opportunities it will create in providing investors with access to alternative asset classes.

      Webinar Details:

      When: Thursday 17 June 2021
      Time: 11am London GMT

      Andrew Berry, Director, Head of the ACD, Waystone
      Neil Coxhead, Managing Director, Waystone
      Lora Froud, Partner, Macfarlanes
      Peter Capper, Fund & Investment Risk Specialist, The Investment Association


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