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      Fund Administration Services

      Waystone provides regulatory and independent fund administration services across North America, Europe and Asia, with a client base that includes many of the world’s largest institutions. We partner with over 130 different client groups to provide fund administration both globally and locally, helping our clients to build success now, and in the future.

      Comprehensive fund administration solutions 

      Our full-service model supplies clients with a comprehensive range of administration services. Our offering is constructed around high levels of expertise and a wide experience of all key markets, underpinned by best-in-class automated technology and infrastructure designed to withstand the most rigorous due diligence scrutiny.

      We provide fund administration solutions to:

      • hedge funds and fund of funds
      • long only funds
      • private equity and real estate funds
      • insurance linked securities (ILS) funds
      • family offices
      • institutional global investors.
      Hedge Fund Administration Services

      We work with hedge funds to develop customised fund administration outsourcing solutions to enable them to run their businesses cost-effectively. We are uniquely positioned to reduce our clients’ cost base and increase their operational efficiencies, irrespective of the strategy, structure or jurisdiction.

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      Private Equity

      Private Equity and Real Estate Funds

      As regulatory pressure increases and investment strategies and investor reporting requirements become more complex, private equity fund managers are increasingly looking to outsource their fund administration operations. This allows managers to focus on their core activity – generating returns for their investors, whilst taking advantage of the scalability, technology and expertise of a specialist Fund Administrator. At Waystone, we understand what is important to our clients and our experienced, client-centric Private Equity team provides specialist accounting and administration services, supported by market-leading technology.

      Private equity structures can be complex, requiring bespoke reporting for both the manager and their investors. We listen to our clients, understand their needs and develop tailored administration services that are both responsive and transparent.

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      Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) Fund Administration

      Regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), we provide independent fund administration services to ILS reinsurers and fund structures including, set-up and structuring, governance and compliance services, investor services and AML, and accounting services.

      With precision and consistency at its core, our ILS funds team comprises specialists working exclusively in the asset class. The team has the essential expertise and experience to service sophisticated ILS structures. We can provide administration services to an ILS Manager from pre-launch to an active ILS structure.

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      Why choose Waystone for your fund administration solutions?

      Our experienced fund administration team, contractual terms and operational excellence are core to our success and enable us to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our clients. A unique understanding of stakeholder needs underpins our business.

      We provide fund administration services to some of the world’s largest institutions with client groups ranging from large institutions managing multiple fund products to boutique firms managing single strategies. Clients are assigned a dedicated team that is clearly identifiable and responsive to their needs.

      Our exceptional client service extends beyond a help desk – our experienced team are always on hand to manage client queries with efficiency and expertise.

      To learn more about our fund administration solutions, contact your usual Waystone representative today. 

      Fiduciary Services

      Waystone’s comprehensive range of Fiduciary Services enables its clients to enjoy independent, professional services, designed to help them navigate successfully through regulatory and investor requirements.

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