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      Investment Servicing & Trade Execution

      We have an experienced team of dedicated operations professionals and execution-only traders. The services we provide can be supplied on a standalone basis or in conjunction with the AIFM/ UCITS Management Company offering.

      Trade Execution


      • Outsourced trading desk for investment managers, providing execution of equities, bonds, FX and OTC instruments
      • Existing network of brokers to provide a tailored solution for any size client.


      • Give-up execution for Futures and Options on various exchanges including CME, ICE, EUREX, CBOE
      • Access to trading platforms for direct market access
      • Full range of order type execution including algorithm and timed orders
      • Average trade price allocation
      • Post trade reporting and allocation of Block Trades and EFRPs.

      Middle Office

      Our Middle Office services enable you to reduce the cost of processing trade activity by utilising a team dedicated to the orderly and timely confirmation and settlement of trades and corporate actions.

      Share Class and Currency Hedging

      Our services ensure that a comprehensive and customisable currency hedging program can be defined, managed and monitored, regardless of whether the hedge relates to a share class, individual security, fund or managed account or a plan comprising several of these. This is achieved through the use of hedging instruments, such as forwards and futures contracts.

      Liquidity Management

      Our Liquidity Management Service is focused on enabling you to maximise the yield on idle cash in a simple and effective way. Our team consists of highly-experienced professionals, who routinely provide prudent liquidity management services.

      These services are tailored to your requirements and include the following:

      • Providing low minimum amounts – ideal for smaller funds
      • Facilitating access to institutional managers and products
      • Providing a diverse range of funds which can be customised for key priorities including risk/return ratios, maturity, credit quality and a range of currencies
      • Providing mixed products and applying customised investment parameters which our Liquidity Management Team will actively manage and monitor on an ongoing basis
      • Preventing co-mingled holdings transactions.

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