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      Aviation Transaction Services

      With over 75 countries in our double tax treaty network and a favourable tax environment, we can offer you a comprehensive and competitive service in the domicile of choice for aviation leasing transactions.

      Our highly experienced corporate services solutions team has extensive experience in aviation transactions and has expertise in the relevant areas of accounting, tax and law. The team also has direct experience in managing complex structures within aviation finance, providing clients with a comprehensive and best-in-class solution when it comes to aircraft leasing transactions. With our global footprint, we can facilitate the administration of large and complex multi-jurisdictional structures.

      Industry-experienced aviation directors

      Waystone provides aviation-specific directors for client aviation structures. Our senior aviation directors have been directly involved in the aviation industry and have a combined experience of over 50 years, holding senior positions at GPA, Airbus, and other significant aircraft-leasing companies. All directors are highly-experienced to provide real guidance to your investment vehicle.

      Comprehensive Aviation Leasing Services for SPVs

      Our aircraft leasing consultants are at the forefront of this industry as a result of our extensive experience in securitisation. We provide support services to SPVs engaged in various aircraft lease types including:

      • Sale and leaseback
      • Operating lease
      • Financing lease
      • Securitisations of aircraft or engine portfolios

      Aircraft Lease Management & Administration Services

      Waystone offers the following aviation lease management and administration services:

      • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporation
      • Directors
      • Company secretary and secretarial services
      • Registered office
      • Bookkeeping, taxation and reporting international registry compliance
      • Share trustee
      • Bank account and treasury management services
      • Aircraft lease (from commercial aircraft to private jets) and contracts management via Leasepoint from AMT Sybex
      • Owner Trusts in Aviation Transactions

      The Benefits of Launching an Aviation Fund

      The benefits of launching a regulated aviation fund include:

      • Access to a larger pool of investor capital
      • Realistic investor expectations compared to the typical corporate bond issuance
      • Being protected by a fully regulated AIFMD-compliant structure
      • Being less constrained in the amount you can allocate to a QIAIF structure
      TranscriptionAtoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Let’s talk about the benefits of a regulated aviation fund. A regulated aviation fund is normally established as a QIAIF. That’s a Qualified Investor Alternative Investment Fund, which is an investment strategy that is focused on aviation assets. Regulated aviation funds exist due to the ever-increasing investor demand for aviation opportunities, implemented through a regulated structure rather than the alternative unregulated structures, such as an SPV or a securitization.

      What are the benefits of a Regulated Aviation Fund for the fund manager or lessor?

      It’s the access to a larger pool of investor capital, including large insurance companies and pension funds. Also, there’s no requirements to have skin in the game, which is often the case when securitizing a portfolio of assets in Europe. Patient investor capital means more realistic investor expectations in terms of returns over a longer time horizon when compared to a typical corporate bond issuance. And for investors, the benefits include investors being protected by a fully regulated, AIFMD compliant structure. This type of structure is safer than alternative unsecured funding vehicles. Due to its regulation, investors are less constrained in the amount that they can allocate to this QIAIF structure.

      Contact us today to find out how Waystone can help with the setup and management of your regulated aviation fund and to learn more about our corporate services solution.

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      To learn more about our Aviation Transaction Services, get in touch with your usual Waystone representative today.


      What are the regulatory considerations in aviation transactions?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Aviation transactions are subject to various regulatory and legal considerations. These may include compliance with aviation authorities’ regulations and safety standards, aircraft registration and documentation requirements, tax implications in different jurisdictions, and adherence to international aviation treaties and agreements. It is crucial for all parties involved in aviation transactions to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations to facilitate smooth and legally sound transactions.

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      What are the common types of aviation transactions, such as sales, leases, or financing deals?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Common types of aviation transactions include aircraft sales, aircraft leasing arrangements, and aviation financing deals. In aircraft sales, ownership of an aircraft is transferred from one party to another in exchange for a negotiated price. Aircraft leasing involves the temporary use of an aircraft, with the lessor retaining ownership and the lessee paying regular lease payments. Aviation financing deals involve obtaining funding to purchase or lease aircraft, often through traditional bank loans, aircraft leasing companies, export credit agencies, or specialized aviation finance lenders.

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      How long does an average aviation transaction take to complete, from negotiation to finalizing the deal?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      The duration of an average aviation transaction can vary significantly depending on factors such as the complexity of the deal, the type of transaction (e.g., sale, lease, financing), the parties involved, and any regulatory requirements. Generally, simpler transactions may take a few weeks to a couple of months, while more complex deals involving multiple parties or legal intricacies can extend the timeline to several months or even longer.

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      Regulated Aviation Funds

      What is a Regulated Aviation Fund?

      Trust Structures for Aviation Transactions

      Orphan Trusts And Charitable Trusts for Aviation Finance and Leasing.

      Aviation Lease Management Services

      The Waystone Structured Finance team provides excellent aviation transaction management services to clients through one of the world’s leading asset management software packages.

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