The Waystone Guide To Investment Funds In The Cayman Islands For Fund Managers In Asia

      WAYSTONE 就在开曼群岛建立投资基金事宜为亚洲基金管理人提供指导

      Please join our team of industry experts to learn more about the latest updates in the Cayman Islands and how we can help you navigate the complex regulatory requirements seamlessly.


      Date: Tuesday 13 April 2021
      Time: 10am HKT
      Duration: 30 minutes
      Speakers: Don Ebanks and Ivana Faltysova
      Moderator: Connie Wong
      日期: 2021 年 4 月 13 日(星期二)
      时间: 香港时间上午 10 点
      会议时长: 30 分钟
      演讲者: Don EbanksIvana Faltysova
      主持人: Connie Wong 王慧珊

      Topics will include

      • An overview of the funds industry
      • Available fund structures and regimes including the Mutual Funds Law and Private Funds Law regimes
      • Regulatory and compliance requirements including AML, CRS & FATCA and Cayman Economic Substance
      • Filing deadlines and administrative fines regime


      • 基金行业概述
      • 目前的基金结构和制度,包括《共同基金法》和《私募基金法》项下相关制度。
      • 监管与合规要求,包括反洗钱 (AML)、《共同申报准则》(CRS)、《海外账户税收合规法案》(FATCA) 以及《开曼群岛经济实质》
      • 备案期限和行政罚款制度
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