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      What You Need To Know About Setting Up Funds In Luxembourg: Chapter 1


      Please join DMS and Ardent as they provide to you the latest framework and requirements for setting up Luxembourg based funds.

      欢迎出席 DMS 和 Ardent 联合举办的线上研讨会,会议将为您介绍在卢森堡设立基金的最新架构和要求。

      Webinar Details

      Date: Thursday 8 April 2021
      Time: 4:00pm HKT / 9am Luxembourg
      Duration: 45 minutes
      Speakers: Valentine Klein and Stéphane Karolczuk
      Moderator: Connie Wong
      日期: 2021 年 4 月 8 日(星期四)
      时间: 香港时间下午 4 点/卢森堡时间上午 9 点
      会议时长: 45 分钟
      演讲者: Valentine Klein 和 Stéphane Karolczuk
      主持人:Connie Wong 王慧珊

      Webinar Agenda

      Topics will include:

      • Market scale and ecosystem overview of the investment fund industry in Luxembourg
      • Available fund regimes in Luxembourg
      • Factors fund managers need to consider when setting up an investment fund in Luxembourg
      • Marketing Luxembourg funds to Asian and European investors


      • 卢森堡投资基金行业市场规模与生态系统概述
      • 卢森堡可选的基金制度
      • 在卢森堡设立基金时,基金管理公司需要考量的因素
      • 向亚洲和欧洲投资者营销卢森堡基金</li
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