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      Welcome to Waystone

      Cyril Delamare, Waystone’s CGO, discusses the merger between Montlake, DMS, and MDO

      Q: How do you define Waystone?

      A: The asset management landscape is complex and subject to constantly evolving variables. Against that backdrop Waystone delivers a necessary dimension of certainty to its clients and investors. Leveraging our expertise in the asset management industry and our far-reaching specialist services, Waystone sets out to provide clients with the necessary guidance and tools to pursue their investment goals with confidence. We address ourselves as a global governance provider, capable of supporting our clients on a global basis from our Cayman Islands and European bases, with existing oversight on assets representing today over $1trn in assets. As a European management company supporting managers with just under $100bn of assets, we can structure European-regulated funds with our local bases in Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK. We support fund managers from those in their early day launch phases up to some of the largest global institutions. We view one of our most important differentiators as being an institutional brand for a market that has itself become increasingly institutionalised. As a solutions provider to the fund management industry, we can service clients and set up products that will fit their distribution strategy, enabling them to reach their objectives faster. Our overall service proposition is to offer our clients solutions for their asset raising needs and support for their clients, all under one roof.

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