Fiduciary Services

      Waystone’s comprehensive range of Fiduciary Services enables its clients to enjoy independent, professional services, designed to help them navigate successfully through regulatory and investor requirements.

      Our Fiduciary Services include company and partnership formation, corporate services and regulatory services.

      Corporate Services

      Waystone provides specialised Corporate Services that allow our clients to fulfil their statutory obligations in a timely and efficient manner. The provision of Corporate Services is a core part of our offering and is provided by our dedicated team of qualified, corporate services professionals. Our services include:

      • Routine company-related matters, such as organising, attending and producing minutes of board meetings, audit committee meetings and valuation committee meetings
      • Director services and the coordination of Independent Director appointments
      • Assistance with ad-hoc company related matters, such as a change of director or service provider
      • Drafting resolutions in respect of routine matters such as the approval of documents and ad-hoc matters such as valuations of specific investments or a change to the Board of directors
      • Assisting the Board with governance matters such as board assessments and compliance with governance standards
      • Conversion process management – we manage the conversion process on behalf of our clients, including:
        • Drafting resolutions for the appointment of Waystone and monitoring any necessary filings to effect the changes.
        • Liaising with the Board and investment manager for the purposes of opening bank accounts.
        • Collating comments and obtaining Board approval of a company’s offering document and filing an offering document and MF form with CIMA when finalised.

      Registered Office Services

      Waystone provides Registered Office Services for Luxembourg, Ireland and Cayman Islands domiciled entities. Our Registered Office Services include:

      • Provision of a local mailing address and a mail forwarding service
      • Preparation and submission of annual returns to the Registrars
      • Maintenance of companies’ and partnerships’ records
      • Invoicing clients and payment of fees to the local authority, the filing of documents with the Registrars and acting as a liaison between the entity and the Registrar
      • Certification, notarization and legal review of documents
      • Obtaining tax exemption certificates
      • Obtaining Certificates of Good Standing
      • Preparation of Certificates of Incumbency

      To learn more, get in touch with our Fund Administration Services team today.

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