Can oil and gas giants sustain bumper dividend payouts?

      Waystone’s director of ESG, Rebecca Palmer, was recently featured in a Portfolio Adviser report that discusses whether oil and gas giants can uphold abundant dividend payouts.

      In the article, Rebecca states: “Longer term, the winners in oil and gas will be those that can pivot to greener energy production,” says Palmer. “There is an argument these record profits should be reinvested into adaptation and mitigation technologies – since they are no longer being used to drill new wells – rather than paid out as bumper dividends or used to fund share buybacks.”

      Unsure about the bumper dividends continuing, Rebecca states, “I don’t believe current dividend levels are sustainable as I expect profits will normalise and I believe we’ll see more companies in the sector adopting variable dividends i.e., paying out more when oil and gas prices are higher, and less when they are not.”

      Read the full article featuring Rebecca here

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