Are you looking to set up a European vehicle?

      You may already be aware of the DMS fund governance solutions and our platform of professional, independent directors.

      You may already be aware of the DMS fund governance solutions and our platform of professional, independent directors. In addition to providing these high-quality governance services for investment funds, DMS also provides European fund management solutions, and assists clients who may be looking to diversify or to raise capital in the European market place. The DMS turnkey solution offers a straightforward “plug and play” solution with DMS providing a European management company which provides the regulatory substance in the relevant market whilst delegating portfolio management back to you. DMS is able to act as your management company and will interact directly with your service providers in Luxembourg and Ireland. If you would like to discuss your options in this area I would be delighted to introduce you to our European experts who can assist you further.


      DMS Investment Management Services (Europe) Limited (“DMS”) is an authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) and UCITS management company, approved and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide AIFM and UCITS management company services in Ireland and Luxembourg. DMS Europe is headquartered in Ireland, with offices in London and Luxembourg to support its clients for Euopean regulated products. In addition to platform and hosting solutions DMS IMS also offers solutions for MiFID and MiFID II.

      DMS also provides a comprehensive suite of regulatory and risk reporting solutions, each delivered via a strong, service-oriented and client-focused team. The DMS Regulatory and Risk Solutions provide a simple and holistic service to cover regulatory and bespoke needs.


      In addition, through its European group companies and business affiliates, DMS supports:

      • Risk management and regulatory reporting solutions
      • Distribution support services
      • European structured finance solutions
      • Trade execution
      • Cash management
      • Common Reporting Standard (CRS) compliance
      • Banking & Trust services
      • Corporate services
      • Outsourcing solutions to support the establishment of tax and regulatory substance in the European Union.
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