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      Swiss Distribution Solutions

      Waystone is authorised and regulated to represent foreign funds distributed in Switzerland with a comprehensive service that includes fund representation, fund distribution services and arrangements with the paying agent bank.

      Waystone currently works with more than 500 funds managed globally from all domiciles.

      Fund Representation

      Switzerland is an attractive market and one in which Waystone has a deep knowledge. As a result, we are FINMA accredited and authorised and regulated to represent foreign funds for distribution in Switzerland to both professional and retail investors. Our service offering includes the following:

      • Undertaking fund representation in accordance with CISA, including direct communication with FINMA and investors, in case of queries
      • Fund analysis and due diligence
      • Updating the fund manager on relevant regulatory developments in the Swiss fund market
      • Arranging for paying agent services with a Swiss bank chosen by the fund manager.

      Our comprehensive Swiss offering allows you to benefit from a high-quality level of governance, a continuous regulatory overview and a simplified process that reduces both costs and time to market.

      FinSA-compliant fund distribution in Switzerland

      The Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA) came into force on 1 January 2020. As a result, new regulatory requirements must be met when offering investment funds to those investing in the Swiss market. The obligations that apply to each provider depend on the type of product being offered. These expanded requirements now cover the following:

      • an affiliation to an ombudsman
      • registration of client advisors
      • professional insurance requirements
      • new organisational rules
      • new conduct rules
      • a new classification of investors.

      The obligations that apply to each provider depend on the type of product being offered.
      To meet those needs, you are provided with a comprehensive solution package that ensures full compliance with FinSA.

      Fund offering in Switzerland

      We will address all requirements connected to the distribution activity and facilitate the distribution of funds.

      The key services include the following:

      • Providing access to banking distribution platforms
      • Contracting and performing due diligence of fund distributors
      • Providing fund distribution agreements that are compliant with the Swiss Fund and Asset Manager Association (SFAMA) standards
      • Negotiating, at the fund manager’s request, distribution contracts with fund distributors, within the limitations of the SFAMA distribution agreements
      • Facilitating contact with qualified investors through capital introduction events and meetings
      • Acting as a global distributor, organising retro-cessions for distributors and third-party marketers.

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