Notice To Unitholders of the Descartes Euro High Grade CLO Fund

      Change of Management Company for Descartes Euro High Grade CLO Fund

      The WAYSTONE MANAGEMENT Group has decided to reorganize its UCITS management company activity and to entrust the management company function of the DESCARTES EURO HIGH GRADE CLO FUND (FCP), currently WAYSTONE FUND MANAGEMENT (IE) limited to WAYSTONE MANAGEMENT COMPANY (IRELAND) LIMITED.

      About Waystone Management Company (Ireland) Limited

      WAYSTONE MANAGEMENT COMPANY (IRELAND) LIMITED is a Portfolio Management Company authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland in accordance with the European Directive 2009/65/EC under the number C123529 that has obtained the European passport on 22 08 2022 to ensure the management of UCITS in France.

      CLO Fund Will Now Have Waystone Management Company (Ireland) Limited as a Management Company

      As from 1 11 2022, the DESCARTES EURO HIGH GRADE CLO FUND (FCP), governed under French law, will have WAYSTONE MANAGEMENT COMPANY (IRELAND) LIMITED as management company. The latter will continue to entrust the financial management of this Fund to CARTESIA SAS, a portfolio management company approved by the Financial Market Authority under the number GP – 13000019.

      This change of management company within the same Group has no impact on the risk/return profile of the DESCARTES EURO HIGH GRADE CLO FUND, nor on the fee structure of this fund.

      The amended Prospectus and Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) will be available on the website.

      If you have a question about these changes, please reach out to your usual Waystone representative today.

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