Mastering success in Insurance-Linked Securities demands expertise and evolution - Waystone

      Mastering success in Insurance-Linked Securities demands expertise and evolution

      The Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) sector continues to attract investors seeking portfolio diversification. While the sector has always contended with challenges like quantifying losses from major catastrophes, recent trends indicate a maturing market resilient to macroeconomic shifts and individual natural disasters.

      When it comes to the running of ILS funds, expertise has become the name of the game. Managers of ILS funds are turning away from “catch-all” administrators towards ones that are evolving and specialising with the market.

      The importance of experience and accountability

      Launching an ILS fund presents its own set of challenges, which can be effectively managed with a skilled team. Understanding the intricacies of the ILS market is vital for fund administrators to ensure that investor needs are consistently met, and their concerns addressed.

      Offering end-to-end administration services to ILS Managers, Waystone Administration Solutions stands out for its seasoned team, equipped to guide clients from the initial stages of fund formation to operating an active ILS structure. Our approach is tailored to facilitate a smooth launch or transition for ILS structures, leveraging their unparalleled experience in the sector.

      Leveraging technology and expertise

      In this evolving market, expertise in navigating the complexities of the ILS market is more critical than ever. Waystone Administration Solutions leverages cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of market nuances to provide comprehensive administration services. Our technology-driven approach ensures transparent, secure, and customisable reporting, aligning with the evolving sophistication demands in ILS fund management.

      Meeting investor demands and regulatory challenges

      Investors’ expectations are evolving, with a greater emphasis on detailed reporting and managing regulatory complexities. Our response to these demands showcases our commitment to staying ahead of market trends. We possess in-depth knowledge of regulations like FATCA, CRS, and AIFMD, and our suite of services, tailored to the governance issues of ILS, positions us as a leader in the field.

      A forward-looking approach in ILS management

      Looking ahead, the ILS market is poised for growth, driven by the need for diversification and the potential for higher yields. Our proactive approach, combining industry-leading technology with extensive expertise, positions us well to meet the demands of this dynamic market.

      As Karen Malone, Head of Product – Waystone Administration Solutions states, “The future of ILS is bright, and at Waystone Administration Solutions, we are well-equipped to navigate its complexities and opportunities. Our commitment to precision, consistency, and innovation remains at the core of our operations, ensuring that we continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”

      About Waystone’s Fund Administration Solutions

      Waystone is the leading provider of institutional governance, risk, and compliance services to the asset management industry. With over 20 years’ experience and a comprehensive range of specialist services to its name, Waystone is now serving assets under management in excess of $2Tn.

      Waystone Administration Solutions delivers independent fund administration, fiduciary and regulatory services to the alternative investment funds industry, focusing on hedge funds, private equity, credit and real estate funds, family offices and ILS funds. To learn more, contact our fund administration team.

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