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      Regulatory Calendar 2022

      Keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape using our Cayman Islands regulatory deadlines calendar.

      At Waystone we understand that comprehensive and concise solutions for documentation and reporting goes hand-in-hand with building effective and efficient governance.

      Our experienced and tenured teams of regulatory compliance, corporate and governance professionals bring together best in class, cost-effective solutions designed to establish and enhance compliance policies, improve accuracy and efficiency in the data validation and filing processes and streamline the documentation associated with tracking compliance.

      Waystone is best placed to help you keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, with solutions that can be tailor-made to fit the most complex of needs.

      2022 Cayman Islands regulatory deadlines

      Regulatory Deadline Filing Authority
      15 January 2022 CIMA fee payments for all entities registered with CIMA CIMA
      15 January 2022 Annual declaration for directors registered with CIMA under the Director Registration and Licensing Act CIMA
      15 January 2022 Annual declaration for entities registered as a Registered Person under the Securities Investment Business Act CIMA
      31 January 2022 Economic Substance Notification Registrar of Companies
      31 January 2022 Annual Return and payment of annual fees for all companies and partnerships incorporated or registered in the Cayman Islands (including foreign partnerships and companies) Registrar of Companies
      31 March 2022 Annual AML training for directors Our AML Compliance specialists have developed an online, self-administered AML compliance training module specifically designed for financial services practitioners conducting relevant financial business with respect to Cayman fund vehicles and management companies.
      30 April 2022 Registration for entities defined as Financial Institutions under CRS and FATCA legislation that started business between 1 May 2021 and 29 April 2022 DITC
      30 June 2022 Audited financial statements for mutual funds and private funds with a financial year end of 31 December 2021 CIMA
      30 June 2022 FAR Form for mutual funds and private funds with a financial year end of 31 December 2021
      FAR Form
      June/July Mid-year legal and regulatory compliance
      31 July 2022 CRS and FATCA reporting for all Financial Institutions
      Access to DITC Portal
      1 September 2022 Date by which strike off application must be submitted for an entity to be dissolved on 31 December 2022 Registrar of Companies
      15 September 2022 CRS Compliance Form for the year ending 31 December 2021
      CRS Compliance Form
      1 November 2022 Date by which strike off application must be submitted for an entity to avoid 2022 fees Registrar of Companies
      Variable. Within twelve months of the financial year end (FYE) of the relevant entity. For relevant entities that carried on any relevant activity during 2021, with a FYE during 2021, an Economic Substance Return or details of Tax Residency in a jurisdiction outside the Cayman Islands. DITC
      Ongoing Beneficial Ownership information or exemption Registrar of Companies

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