Alison Mitsas-Sims - Marketing Director at Waystone in Cayman Islands

      Alison Mitsas-Sims

      Marketing Director

      Cayman Islands
      Atoms / Icons / bio-fax+1 345 749 2514
      Atoms / Icons / bio-phone+39 327 751 1500

      As Director of Marketing at Waystone, Alison is responsible for conceptualizing, planning and coordinating all marketing activities and events for Waystone globally. She plays a pivotal role in all local and global public relations, research, communications and strategic positioning of Waystone products and services. Alison works closely with each of the firm’s global operations and their respective business development teams and is responsible for the planning and execution of the firm’s events across each of their offices, the key event being the annual Waystone Investment Funds Summit in NYC which is now in its 4th year and has become an annual New York fixture.  Alison is responsible for managing each of the rebrand projects as part of the merger and acquisition strategy of the firm.

      Prior to joining Waystone, Alison spent her formative years in London where she was an account executive for one of the UK’s largest creative agencies, gaining extensive experience in media and communications before her subsequent move to the Cayman Islands. Alison has been with Waystone for over 15 years and is a key member of its team.

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