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      Alexander Dobson

      United Kingdom

      Alex Dobson is an experienced risk management professional within banking and wealth management. Alex joined Waystone in 2021 as Director, Risk where he assists the ACD team with the development of large-scale risk advisory projects for high-profile platforms, from management companies to funds. In this role Alex works within the European team to support the broader Waystone operations. Alex works closely with the European Head of Risk Management to implement methodologies and systems to ensure that risk processes remain up-to-date in order to meet the latest guidelines set by the FCA and other regulatory bodies.

      Alex has over 13 years of experience working within banking and wealth management. Prior to joining Waystone, Alex held the role of Head of Risk at Dolfin Financial UK(DFUK) Ltd.  His primary role was to introduce and develop a standalone risk function to support the business from an operational perspective, to assist the Board to set, implement and oversee the company’s current risk appetite and to set a strategy for evaluating appropriate risk tolerances. During his time in this role, Alex introduced a risk management framework across the business and was instrumental in ensuring that all corporate governance structures were in place, including setting up the Risk Committee in order to evaluate, escalate and resolve key risks across the business. In addition, Alex introduced a company-wide risk mapping process including identification, assessment and mitigation of risks by implementing and improving processes and controls for each business unit, including operations, business development, investment management and finance functions.

      Previously, Alex held senior roles with LGT Vestra, as Portfolio Risk Manager and Director, Investment Risk with Arbuthnot Latham where he was responsible for analysis, monitoring and reporting of performance/risk for models and client portfolios within the Investment Management business.

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