Waystone Acquires Oligo Swiss Fund Services

      In July of 2020, Waystone (previously the DMS Group) were pleased to announce the acquisition of Oligo Swiss Fund Services.

      Oligo is a Swiss FINMA-accredited fund services company. Founded in 2014, Oligo is authorised and regulated to represent foreign funds distributed in Switzerland with a comprehensive service that includes fund representation, distribution services and arrangements with the paying agent bank. Oligo currently works with more than 500 funds managed globally from all domiciles.


      Oligo are able to provide the representation services for funds seeking both qualified and non-qualified investors. The Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA 120) concerns foreign fund providers distributing in Switzerland to qualified and non-qualified investors. Those funds are required by law to appoint a Swiss representative and a paying agent and must ensure correct legal documentation is in place and that it remains up to date.


      Oligo’s capital introduction events are held quarterly and are aimed at fund managers to meet with Swiss investors. These events are held in Geneva at a centrally located hotel.


      In addition to the services above, Oligo’s legal partners are ready to assist you, should you require advice from a Swiss law office. With Oligo as your fully comprehensive Swiss provider, clients benefit from a first-class level of governance for all Swiss-related matters, a continuous regulatory overview, and a simplified process that reduces costs and time to market.

      For more details and to find out how we can assist you with your FinSA solutions please contact your usual DMS representative.

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