Successfully distributing private funds to retail investors in Europe – lessons learned from ELTIF

      An insightful discussion featuring industry experts from AIMA, Apollo, Arendt and Waystone, examining the current European Long Term Investments Funds landscape (ELTIF).

      The ELTIF designation has undergone a transformation aimed at boosting its appeal and expanding fundraising among European retail investors, positioning it as the premier choice for private market investment. To fully capitalize on this vast market, US managers must carefully strategize their European distribution approach, taking into account factors such as partnering entities, service providers and adherence to ESG principles.

      In this AIMA-hosted webinar, Waystone’s Osin Kilgallen along with leading experts from AIMA, Apollo and Arendt delve into insights gained from past ELTIF launches and highlight key strategies to consider.


      Oisin Kilgallen, Executive Director, Waystone
      Michelle Noyes, Head of Americas, AIMA
      Antoine Peter, Senior Manager, Arendt & Medernach LLC
      Stefan Staedter, Partner, Head of Office, Arendt & Medernach LLC
      Vivian Sze, Director, Apollo Global Management



      About Waystone

      Waystone is a leading global provider of governance, administration, distribution and compliance solutions to investment managers within European Long Term Investments Funds.

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