Theresa Hamil - Director, Cayman Compliance Services at Waystone in Cayman Islands

      Theresa Hamil

      Director, Cayman Compliance Services

      Cayman Islands

      Theresa Hamil is an experienced anti-money laundering (AML) professional with 17 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Her comprehensive knowledge of AML, regulatory compliance, diverse fund structures and corporate governance has positioned her as a regulatory expert and an AML specialist within the financial services industry.

      Amongst Theresa’s experienced professional areas, she is an adept AML Officer professional and specialises in delivering outsourced AML services to Securities Investment Business Registered Persons together with a wide range of investment funds that are operated by leading global investment managers. Theresa’s extensive AML experience enables her to effectively provide commercially efficient and regulatory sound solutions. In addition, Theresa uses her expertise to identify AML deficiencies or breaches and provide the remedial actions necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements.

      In her role as Director with the Cayman Compliance Services Team at Waystone, Theresa is responsible for overseeing AML compliance programmes to ensure that systems and controls are developed and maintained in line with the Cayman Islands’ Anti-Money Laundering Regulations along with additional legislation, amongst other major responsibilities.

      Prior to joining Waystone, Theresa held the position of Vice President at Walkers Compliance & Regulatory Services Limited, where she gained in-depth experience in providing AML services. Theresa began her career as a Regulator at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), where she gained hands-on knowledge of regulatory Acts (formerly laws), regulations, regulatory requirements, rules and best practice standards relating to the financial services industry. This exposure provides Theresa with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape within the Cayman Islands. While at CIMA, Theresa was initially a part of the Investments & Securities Division, where she assisted with the regulation and supervision of the investment funds industry as well as the securities sector. In her subsequent role at CIMA, Theresa provided advice on matters relating to regulatory compliance and financial developments impacting the financial services industry. While in this role, Theresa carried out AML/CFT gap analyses of the Cayman Islands’ AML regime, particularly as they related to preventative measures. Her thorough assessment in identifying AML/CFT gaps later required a new set of AML Regulations as well as an updated set of AML Guidance Notes.

      Theresa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (with concentration in Finance) from Webber International University in Florida. In addition, Theresa is a certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and obtained an Accredited Director designation granted by the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada.

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