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      European Structured Finance

      Our Structured Finance Team provides a best-in-class management and administration solution to Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) domiciled in Europe.

      This is secured through a comprehensive suite of services specifically tailored to address the needs of SPV(s), while maintaining a solutions-based approach which is designed to meet your ambitions.

      At Waystone, we support a wide range of structures and transactions including, CLOs, CDOs, debt programs, repacks, holding companies, loan origination, asset-backed finance, direct lending, commercial paper, MBS/RMBS/CMBS, repos, secured notes, credit funds, MTN programs, pass through notes, non-performing loans (NPLs), trade receivables, invoice factoring and Sharia-compliant transactions.

      Waystone’s structured finance clients range from asset managers, large banks, boutique investment firms, investment banks, funds, and private equity firms.

      Waystone offers the following management and administration services:

      • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporation
      • Company secretarial services
      • Registered office
      • Directors
      • Bookkeeping, taxation and reporting
      • Share trustee
      • Bank account and treasury management services
      • Waterfall calculation agent
      • Registrar and paying agent (to unlisted notes).
      • Loan administration

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