XP Global Strategies Fund

      Montlake UCITS Platform (Lux) SICAV - XP Global Strategies Fund

      The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve capital growth and an appropriate return by applying the principle of risk diversification through investments in a variety of eligible UCITS funds or UCITS ETF. The Sub-Fund qualifies as a fund of funds and as such its assets will be invested in other eligible funds offering an exposure to a range of asset classes across fixed income, equities, money market and other sectors. The Sub-Fund will be actively managed. Exposure to equity and fixed income sectors will be balanced. The Sub-Fund will hence normally hold around 60% of its assets in funds investing in fixed income and around 40% of its assets in equity related funds. In exceptional circumstances, the Sub-Fund may hold up to 100% of its assets in either funds investing in fixed income or in equity related funds. Underlying funds may invest their assets worldwide and hence the Sub-Fund may offer a broad geographical diversification, including potentially exposure to countries considered as emerging markets